Sweat Cost Calculator

What is your sweat costing you?

Gain perspective on just how costly it is to live with too much sweat. You might find that after all you’ve spent, other options make worthwhile investments in the long run. Enter the amount of money you usually spend on the following and see how much you're spending per year right now. We'll also let you know how soon you could break even if you do decide to invest in something long term and permanent, like miraDry.


  • Antiperspirant (per month)
  • New clothing to replace sweat-ruined items (per month)
  • Medicine, vitamins, supplements, etc. (per month)
  • Private doctor appointments (per year)
  • Injectable sweat reduction treatments (per year)
  • Dry cleaning bills and anything else we haven't covered (per year)
You spend about £ / year on underarm sweat.

And as long as underarm sweat affects you, the costs will keep coming.

miraDry typically costs approximately £2800 for two treatments (although some people get good control after just one treatment for £1495). That means if you got the procedure tomorrow, you could break even in as little as  years and  months. (Cost varies. Ask your physician for more information.)

But money's only part of the story.

It’s easy to measure the monetary costs of excessive sweating. It’s hard to put a price on the costs that come with a sweat-burdened lifestyle: the extra time spent showering, changing, shopping; job interviews ruined by self-consciousness; first dates riddled with anxiety; missed parties, get-togethers, and happy hours; diminished confidence; and just an overall sense of feeling down. But these emotional costs are real, and they’re a huge reason so many people have chosen to have miraDry lift the burden of underarm sweat from their lives.

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